Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FHA Tip: Seller Contrubutions

FHA Tip: FHA allows a seller to pay up to 6% towards buyers closing cost. If the seller wishes to contribute to a DPA (Down Payment Assistance) program the amount gifted does not count towards the 6% seller contibution (concessions). If the seller wished to contribute up to 6% towards closing cost plus make a 3% donation to a DPA the borrower could get into a home with nothing down. I have included other information on Seller contributions from the 4155.1 below.

"Seller Contributions. The seller (or other interested third parties such as real estate agents, builders, developers, etc., or a combination of parties) may contribute up to six percent of the property's sales price toward the buyer's actual closing costs, prepaid expenses, discount points, and other financing concessions. Contributions exceeding six percent of the sales price or exceeding the actual cost of prepaid expenses, discounts points, and other financing concessions will be treated as inducements to purchase, thereby reducing the amount of the mortgage. Closing costs normally paid by the borrower are considered contributions if paid by the seller. Inducements to purchase are described in paragraph B, below.
The six percent limitation also includes seller payment for permanent and temporary interest rate buydowns and other payment supplements, payments of mortgage interest for fixed rate mortgages and GPMs only (but not principal), mortgage payment protection insurance, and payment of UFMIP.
Fees typically paid by the seller under local or state law, or local custom, such as real estate commissions, charges for pest inspections, fees paid for trustees to release a deed of trust, etc., are not considered contributions. The dollar limit for seller contributions is calculated by using Attachment A on the HUD-92900-PUR/HUD-92900WS. Each dollar exceeding FHA's six percent limit must be subtracted from the property's sales price before applying the appropriate LTV ratio. "